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The name Chemola has meant industry leadership in quality synthetic valve lubricants, sealants, and packing for over a half a century.  Chemola’s roots can be traced back to its European origins in the 1930s.  The founder immigrated to the USA in the early 1940s and established his business, partially on the strength of his work in the US Navy.  The Delta – Desco name and product lines also date back to the 1930s originiating in the Southwest US.  These two industry leaders merged in the early 1960s.  Under the Chemola banner, the Desco trades names were reserved for valve lubricants, sealants, and packing, and the Delta names reserved for lubrication equipment and fittings.

The combined companies have built a reputation for quality and innovative products over the past 60 years into the hallmark the Chemola name is today.  In 1991, Chemola was acquired by South Coast Products, a long time compounder and industry leader in the blending and packaging of proprietary and specialty lubricants for severe applications.  Emerging complex product streams, higher operating temperatures, artic/desert/tropical operating locations and environmental concerns are among the challenges that have been met by Chemola.

Today, Chemola provides more technically proficient valve lubricants, sealants, packing and maintenance products demanded by the Oil & Gas, Transportation, Refining and Petrochemical Industries.  You can count on Chemola’s technical staff and expertise to assist you with solving your specialized requirements.


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