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ThredOn Oilfield Products : : Quick Coat 2000 - Protective Coating, Water Base

General Purpose Protective Coating, Water Base

QC 2000 is a protective coating developed for use in dip coating of tubular goods and sucker rods. Other uses may be appropriate at user’s discresion. This water base, non-combustible formula is excellent for dip tank operations. QC 2000 is quick drying and forms a hard film with excellent mar and scuff resistance It protects and preserves againts rust and corrosion. QC 2000 has excellent metal adhesion characteristics. It is not recommended for precision-fit machine parts as the coating is non removable except by severe abrasion. QC 2000 is ready to use and may be applied by brush, dip or spray. If a spray application is used, spray equipment must be flushed with water immediately after use, as QC 2000 once set, cannot be dissolved.

Typical Characteristics:

Coating vehicle modified alkyd resin
Color black
Odor slight
Weight lbs./gal. 8.7
Water resistance 24 hours AD/4 hours pot pass ph 8.0-8.5
VOC, excluding water-gr./ltr 22.6
Viscosity, #2 Zahn, sec. 20
Salt spay  
CRS-100 hours 1/6”
kB100-100 hours 1/6”

Packaging Information:

Item No. Unit Size Quantity Net Wt. Ship Wt.
2005-16   5 gal. 1 each     43 lbs 47 lbs.
2055-16  55 gal. 1 each     478 lbs 513 lbs.


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