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Hydrocarbon Grease

Desco Red Bentone Grease offers the ultimate in general purpose lubricant with the added property of extreme pressure lubricity.

This grease is compounded from a blend of the finest mineral and synthetic oils coupled with an inorganic gelling agent

Desco Red Bentone Grease offers additional protection to meet today’s high performance requirements

Red Bentone Grease is enhanced with the following proprietary formulation packages:
1. Oxidation Stabilization Package --This keeps the oil and other organic components from becoming rancid, therefore increasing shelf life.
2. Corrosion Inhibitor Package -- To inhibit corrosion and rust
3. Anti-Reactant Package -- This complex package keeps the various components from reacting with each other in an undesired way.
4. Anti-Leaching Package -- This helps to minimize oil separation
5. EP Package -- This provides extreme pressure properties to the lubricant to prevent galling.

Service Recommendations:

King pin, ball joints, bearings, slides, gears, universal joints and screws.

Typical Characteristics:

NLGI 2 to 2.5
ASTM penetration 250-280 
Thickener inorganic
Timken OK load lbs. 45  
ASTM Dropping point +500°F (+260°C)
Pour point -5°F (-15°C)
Color red
Temperature range 0°F to +450°F
(-18°C to +232°C)

Packaging Information:

Item No. Unit Size Quantity Net Wt. Ship Wt.
020Z-04 14.5 oz. ctrg. 10 per case   12 lbs.
0203-04  5 gal. 1 each  35 lbs.   39 lbs.
0210-04 16 gal. 1 each  120 lbs.   130 lbs.
0240-04 55 gal. 1 each  400 lbs.   438 lbs.


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