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ThredOn Oilfield Products : : Sup Pen - Rust and Oxide Dissolver

A Fast-Acting Rust and Oxide Dissolver

Super Penetrant is a clear, all purpose industrial penetrating oil. It is a scientifically formulated penetrant and rust cutter designed for maximum penetration to give faster breakout. It can be used for all dismantling jobs throughout the plant, shop, rig or wherever metal parts are hard to operate or are frozen by corrosion.
The carrier fluid is a non-caustic, highly mobile solution that moves quickly into the pores and crevices of the metal surface and acts as a vehicle for the other ingredients. Because Super Penetrant is non-caustic, it will not damage the metal and can be used with safety on alumium structural supports.

The fluid that loosens the oxides is a fast-acting solvent that pries corrosion products from the metal surface and suspends them in the carrier fluid. Once the corrosion products have been loosened from the metal surface, the third fluid moves in to protect and lubricate the metal.
Two types of lubricants are found in Super Penetrant. The first is an extreme pressure oil that plates quickly onto metal surfaces. This allows the thread to be loosened while all the metal surfaces are lubricant coated to prevent galling. The second lubricant is micron-sized particles of TFE- fluorocarbon that acts as millions of ball bearings to make the break out easier.

Super Penetrant contains a fourth ingredient, a rust inhibitor, that protects surfaces once they have been broken out. The inhibitor is so efficient that many use Super Penetrant as a protective coating for freshly machined surfaces. This product should not be confused with ordinary penetrating oils. This premium penetrating oil handles your easy jobs, your hard jobs, and your impossible jobs.

Typical Characteristics:

Color clear

Packaging Information:

Item No. Unit Size Quantity Net Wt. Ship Wt.
SP02-05 1 pt. 12 per ctn.   15 lbs.
SP04-05 13 oz. aero 12 per ctn.   14 lbs.
SP06-05 1 gal. 4 per ctn.   37 lbs.
SP07-05  5 gal. 1 each  40 lbs. 46 lbs.
SP08-05 30 gal. 1 each  200 lbs. 216 lbs.
SP09-05 55 gal. 1 each  400 lbs. 438 lbs.


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